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TRUE or FALSE Doctrines
Dear Reader, please take a moment to ask God to send a double portion of His Holy Spirit as we look into this subject. Thank you SO much!! There are many tests to discover if a Doctrine is True or False. First and foremost is to invite the Holy Spirit to assist us! If we fail to do this, the Un-Holy Spirit will send his agents to confuse our minds.

Isaiah gave us two tests. "To the Law and to the Testimony [God's 10 Commandments and the Word of God], if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them"  (Isa.8:20)! Isaiah also wrote, "For Precept must be upon Precept, Precept upon Precept; line upon line, line upon line, here a little and there a little" (Isa. 28:10)! In other words, use ALL that Scripture gives us!

Note the Bereans: "These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they STUDIED the SCRIPTURES Daily, whether those things were so" (Acts17:11)!

Following is a "3 Question Test." It works on EVERY False doctrine, EVERY time!
1 - If it attacks God's Character, itis ALWAYS a False Doctrine!
2 - If it makes ANY provision for Disobeying God or His Law, it is ALWAYS a False Doctrine!
3- If it says humans cannot choose, it is false. Humans can choose, but, we must live with the results of that choice - good or bad. Freedom of Choice is at the heart of this great conflict between good and evil. God does NOT want Robots!!

Un-Answered and Un-Answerable Questions
This Blogsite deals entirely with Un-Answered and Un-Answerable Questions about the Sabbath. We will give a very brief discussion of the dilemma for those attempting to answer the Questions. We'll refer the Reader to other Websites for more detailed information.

Question #1 - Why did Jesus say, "Whosoever, therefore, shall break one of these Least Commandments, and Teach men so, he shall be called the least in the Kingdom of Heaven; but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven" (Matt.5:19)?
If our Preachers are telling us the truth when they say, "Grace Gives Us Permission to Disregard God's Law," then Jesus and His Apostles were in complete error! Our Preachers tell us Jesus and His Disciples actually separated out one of the Commandments, called it, "Least," and "Taught" us to disobey that Commandment!?! Obviously that "Least Commandment" our Preachers tell us Jesus and the Disciples annulled - is the Sabbath Commandment! Most Preachers say it's a sin to obey the Sabbath Commandment!?! When asked how Jesus totally reversed His Words, Anti-Sabbath Preachers offer no answer, but refer to Paul. Such Preachers never stop and realize they are implying that Paul disagrees with Jesus! The Apostle Peter noted that some of Paul's writings were "hard to understand" (2Pet3:16), which is correct, based on the fact that over 90% of Christian Ministers believe Paul reversed the Words of Jesus. Paul NEVER endorsed anti-Law or anti-Sabbath; NEVER!! If he did, that would make Paul the Antichrist! In our Website "The Sabbath and Colossians 2," we look at all of Paul's so-called "Anti-Sabbath" passages. Almost all of Paul's writings were written to be scathing rebukes of the Gnostics, who, according to Church History, were the actual founders of the Anti-Sabbath movement within the Early Christian Church. All good Church History books tell of these evil Gnostics infiltrating the Early Church from the beginning and they were the first to attack the Sabbath and introduce Sunday as its replacement! Any serious Bible student knows that the Gnostics were Satan's implants into the Church. For more on this, see "Gnostics - The Original Sabbath Abolishers."

Same Question to Pre-Trib Dispensationalists
Pre-Trib Dispensationalists are today's Christians promoting the Rapture. This question presents an additional problem for Pre-Trib Ministers and Teachers. The Key phrase is "Whosoever shall do and teach them (10 Commandments), the same shall be called GREAT in the Kingdom of Heaven"  (Matt.5:19)! Dispensationalists say the GREATEST people in the Kingdom of Heaven will be those in a group who make up the Bride of Christ. Dispensationalists are absolutely correct about this, but, the UN-Answerable Question for Dispensationalists has to do with who actually makes up the Bride. According to them, the ONLY people that are taken to Heaven and given the honor of becoming the Bride are those Believers who happened to live in a so-called GRACE AGE. In order to get the full impact of the problem, we must understand what Pre-Tribulation Dispensationalists claim happens during the so-called Dispensations (Time Periods) just before and just after their so-called GRACE Dispensation. They say the "Law Dispensation" (From Moses till Christ's Death) proceeds it and the "Tribulation Dispensation" immediately follows it. Dispensationalists call the Tribulation the "7-Year Tribulation" even though there is NO indication from Scripture it will 7 Years in duration. See "7-Year Tribulation" for more information.

The Problem Question For Pre-Trib
Pre-Trib, also called Dispensationalists, say that God's Law, the 10 Commandments, was binding on God's people from Moses till Jesus, including the Sabbath. Then from Jesus till the Rapture, we are in the Grace Age (Dispensation) during which time God insists we relax our restrictions expressed in His Law. They say that, in principle we should observe 9 of those Commandments, but that God insists we completely disregard that Sabbath Commandment, that Least Commandment, and honor Sunday instead. That alone should raise some serious Red Flags, but the real question for Dispensationalists has to do with Christ's Bride. According to them, the people living in the "Law Dispensation" just before the "Grace Dispensation," and the people living in the "Millennial Dispensation," (Dispensationalists include the Tribulation in the Millennial Dispensation)(Also called the "Personal Reign of Jesus Dispensation") are completely dis-qualified from being part of the Bride of Christ. In other words:

Disobedient are the "GREATEST" - Obedient are the "LEAST"
In other words, our Pre-Trib Preachers completely and absolutely REVERSE what Jesus said! These Ministers tell us Jesus SHOULD have said, "Whosoever shall break the Least Commandments, and Teach men to do so also, these shall be called GREAT in the Kingdom of Heaven! But whosoever shall do and Teach them, these shall be called Least in the Kingdom!" Is it Blasphemy to Reverse the words of Jesus?!? Of course it is!!! However, we have otherwise good Ministers saying that the only people qualified to become the Bride of Christ, the highest and greatest position ever to be held by created beings, will be those that completely, absolutely, and openly reverse Christ's words!?! How can this be??

Jesus had it right the first time and we MUST let His words be our Standard!! One more note: The Bride will be the Redeemed from ALL Ages - from Creation till the Second Coming of Jesus! See "The REAL Bride of Jesus." The Bible does indicate that there will be a special group of people within the Bride of Christ. This will be the 144 Thousand, and the Bible also appears to indicate that these will come out of the Great Tribulation. For more on this, see our Website, "The 144 Thousand."

Question # 2 - If Our Preachers are correct, and the 10 Commandments are really annulled at this present time, why would Antichrist "Think to Change Times and Laws" (Dan.7:25)? If Jesus and the Disciples have already changed the, "Time Commandment in God's Law," what would it gain Antichrist to change it? If we are no longer obliged to obey the Law; if Grace has freed us (demands us) to disobey God's Law already, why would Antichrist care one way or the other? Our Popular Preachers have no answer.

Follow-up Un-Answerable Questions: What if our popular Preachers are wrong? What if Jesus meant what He said when He told us we cannot change or break even a Jot or Tittle of God's Law? What if Grace does NOT give us permission, or demand us to openly and flagrantly disregard God's "Time Commandment"? What if Antichrist's evil focus will be God's Law, specifically God's Sabbath Commandment, and what if "Changing God's Times and Laws" really is his Mark of the Beast! This author has been listening for an answer to these questions for almost 60 years! Nothing so far! Their silence is Deafening!!

Question # 3 - John Prophesied that in the very last days, Satan (the dragon) will make war on God's people because they, "Keep the Commandments of God" (Rev.12:17)! Our Preachers tell us that people who still believe they should obey the Law of God are, "Legalists, trying to work their way to Heaven." Legalists trying to work their way to Heaven would be wrong, and they'd be commiting a very serious and Dangerous Sin! Those "Commandment Keeping Legalists" would be doing exactly what Satan wants them to do, so why would he make war on them? According to our Popular Preachers, the good people, those doing the RIGHT thing, would be those relying on Grace to free them from God's Commandments, including and especially the Sabbath. If the Popular Preachers are right, it would be those "Grace People Disregarding God's Law" that Satan would make war against! If our Popular Preachers are right, Satan will forget who's on his side and who's on God's side! Is Satan that easily confused? Or, could it be that our Popular Preachers are confused and have everything reversed?!? There seems to be a lot of this "Reversing" going on these days!

Question # 4 - When the Children of Israel were in the wilderness, a man who had a rebellious attitude about the Sabbath was gathering sticks on Sabbath for a fire. Moses wasn't sure what to do, so he asked God. God instructed Moses to have the man stoned to death. For the following 1500 years God punished Israel many times because they continually disregarded the 10 Commandments, including the Sabbath. Then, according to our popular Preachers, during New Testament Times, this same God insists  we repeat the actions of the man who was stoned to death. Our Preachers even quote Paul as saying we are casting aside the Crucifixion of Jesus by obeying the Law. The question for our Preachers is simple. Would God be that grossly inconsistent? Would God really instruct Moses to have a man stoned to death, then INSIST we do exactly as the man did? Do our Popular Preachers know the Truth, but fear we'll get mad if they tell us the Truth? Reality is, these Preachers know the truth, but know their congregations would fire them if they tell the truth.

Question # 5 - When Jesus created the earth in 6 days, He rested on the Seventh Day. "And God Blessed the Seventh Day, and Sanctified it, because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made" (Gen.2:3)! The Question to our Popular Preachers is primarily to Pre-Trib Ministers, but it would apply to all Non-Sabbath Christian Ministers. Pre-Trib Ministers say the Sabbath was not observed until Moses. They say that even though Jesus "Sanctified" the Sabbath on Creation Week, He did not make it a special Sacred Day for Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, or Jacob. They say that proof of this is the fact that Scripture records no Sabbath Keeping until Moses. We suggest that Jesus, Adam, and Eve spent that Seventh Day of Creation Week in a Sabbath Service that was like none our earth has ever experienced. We suggest that every Sabbath that passed from that Creation Week until that horrid day at the Tree, the three of them spent the day together. We suggest that after sin, Adam and Eve spent their Sabbaths in quiet worship, and as children came, Sabbath became a Special Day every week. We suggest the Sabbath was passed down from generation among all of those remaining Faithful to their Creator.

We suggest also that all of today's honest Ministers believe the same, down deep in their hearts. The Un-Answerable Question is, what possible reason would Jesus have for setting aside the Sabbath, "Sanctifying" it on Creation Week, and not tell Adam and Eve about it. Was Moses really the first person on earth to know that Jesus "Sanctified" that first Sabbath 2500 years earlier? Does anyone really believe such a thing?

Dispensational's Sabbath off - Sabbath On - Sabbath Off - Sabbath On - ???
Dispensationalism says God has gone from, no Sabbath, then to very Sacred Sabbath, then totally abolish Sabbath, then back to sacred Sabbath, etc. They say from Adam till Moses Jesus had no Sabbath. From Moses till Jesus' death, strict Sabbath observance was in effect. Then from Jesus Death till a so-called Rapture, Sabbath Observance is abolished. Some even saying it is a sin to observe Sabbath now because Sunday is the Lord's Day, and it is a sin to not observe Sunday. Then, according to Pre-Trib, from the Rapture till the end of a Millennial Kingdom, God instructs us to go back to Sabbath Keeping. Is it possible for anyone to REALLY believe this?!? Very unlikely!

Thank you SO much, Dear Reader, for your time. We hope these questions have been helpful in your search to know the Truth about the Sabbath. Please take time to visit our Websites listed below. May we always seek God's Holy Spirit as we prepare for Jesus' Soon Return!

Your Brother in Christ
Walter C. Martin Jr. 

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